30 September 2012

Tyler and Rachel Get Hitched!!

September 1st, 2012 was a special day as Tyler became sealed to Rachel Judd for time and all eternity in the Detroit Michigan Temple.
Lissa and Adrianne have already posted some of the fun pictures from that whirlwind weekend.  Here are a few more.
 Three precious neices waiting for the bride and groom to emerge from the temple.
        A classic Carson move for the newlyweds--the dip and kiss.
                All of our immediate family plus my parents, Gary and Lorene Christensen, outside the temple after the sealing.
Kent and me with Tyler and Rachel and her parents, Brooke and David Judd.
                              A few pictures from the reception:  of course we must have a cake cutting pose.
 Tyler and Rachel with Grandpa and Grandma Christensen.
Daniel took a turn sitting at the head table with the other groomsmen.  He didn't last long before he needed his mom.
Kent and me with all our darling grandchildren.  You can see how easy it was to get all five to be happy and cooperative in the picture!
                           Kiera had a great time pretending to be a bride, or at least a flower girl!
 Makayla Carson, at six weeks, was the youngest member of the wedding party.  She's a sweet, peaceful baby.
It was a wonderful weekend, but it was over too soon.  Sadly, it may be a while before all our children and grandchildren are together again.

26 September 2012

Makayla's Blessing

Sweet baby Makayla Elaine Carson was blessed on August 26th in Minot, North Dakota.  Kent and I flew in, and Krystal's parents and two of her brothers drove from Spokane, WA for the blessing.

I was able to find Daniel a "big brother" shirt to wear when Makayla wears her "little sister" shirt.
 Daniel was strollin' down the street in his sunglasses and new church shoes as his "people" followed along behind.  You can tell he was the most popular guy on the road.
Grandpa Carson got to meet Makayla for the first time.
At the church after the blessing.
 Makayla was blessed in the dress her mother wore to be blessed in.  Here she's lying on the quilt made for her by great-grandma Christensen.
We only stayed three days but were glad to be a part of Makayla's blessing day.