16 July 2009

21 Years Ago Today

I wish I'd thought to do this earlier in the year for the boys' birthdays, but there's always next year for them. Today's entry is a very short retrospective of our youngest child, Adrianne. A few days ago I was going through some things to send with her birthday box, and came across some quotes I wrote down of cute things she said when she was between the ages of four and eight.
Adrianne was born in a birthing clinic in Germany. Before she was born I would look at our children, and knew someone was missing. That feeling went away after she joined our family.
Here are some of my favorite quotes, as well as some pictures of her as a child. Remember there were no digital cameras back in the 1980's, so most of these pictures are scanned. One more thing, the quotes and the pictures don't match up. I couldn't find pictures that were the exactly the right age to go with the quotes, since we haven't scanned all the pictures from her early years. April 1993, age 4: One time when I was in the bath tub I sang so loud that I made the toy boats fall down.
When I asked Adri why she woke up so early one day, she told me, "I just woke up! My dreams were over." March 1994, age almost six: I want to wear a dress to school that no one has seen before, because people look at you more if you're wearing a new dress.
April 1994: I wish I were a baby. I'll never be that cute again. (she said this after watching family videos of when she was a baby.)

January 1995, age 6: I can't wait to grow up, I have so many plans! I know what my house is going to look like and what pets I'm going to have and what my kids names will be.
December 1995, age 7: I need to go in a room by myself where it's quiet so I can throw out some of the stuff in my elephant brain that I don't need to remember any more.
March 1996, age almost eight: I'm never going to use this homework pass. I LIKE doing homework!"
This last picture is of Adri at age 12. She has been a delightful member of our family, and we've all been blessed my her (mostly) sunny disposition.