16 April 2011

Birds in my Back Yard

We have had lots of colorful feathered visitors to our back yard this spring!

Here are a few glimpses of our Visitors;
First we have the primary colors ..... Red,


.................and Blue..........

Then these "Scary guys" show up and everyone flies away!

They must like that "Head Turning" pose

And then my favorite "little chick" of all.

(Editors note; this little one has NOT been here this spring, but will hopefully be back in the fall again, which is when this picture was taken)

11 April 2011

Spring in DC and Virginia

Kent and I have a tradition to see the cherry blossoms in DC every year. This year we took a ranger-led lantern tour to see the trees in bloom. As you can see from how warmly we're dressed, it was a chilly night.

The 7th of April some of our friends we knew in Germany were in DC from spring break and came to Arlington Cemetery so Kent could give them a tour. Below I wanted to point out the Moroni symbol that's put on the LDS graves.

There was a large group of Veteran's who were watching the changing of the guard at Arlington.

Today after church we visited the home of an artist who lived and painted in Stafford county a hundred years ago since they were having a free open house. We toured the house, an art gallery with Gari Melchers' paintings, and the grounds.
The trees have lost their blossoms, but now the daffodils and tulips are in full swing.

Gari Melchers painted Teddy Roosevelt's portrait, among many other works. It was a lovely way to spend a spring afternoon.