13 April 2009

Pretty in Pink!

Elaine and I went to the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival before we flew to SLC to spend conference weekend with the kids. It was beauiful, though a little dark and cloudy.

We walked all around the tidal basin, which took longer than we thought it would. It started raining (of course) about ten minutes before we got back to where we'd parked. We had to run to catch our plane, but we made it! We took the metro to Reagan National airport and got to the gate just as they started boarding.

03 April 2009

Totally.Worth. It.

Yes, it was a crazy trip to Florida, but we survived it, and we LOVED "Fiddler on the Roof". Even though I was totally familiar with the play, even most of the lines and of course the songs, I still laughed at all the jokes and cried at the sad parts. Topol was amazing-he played his part so well and almost all of his lines were funny. Overall it was much more humorous than I remembered it being.
I don't think I've been to Jacksonville, Florida before, but my family spent a few summers in Florida when I was a girl, so maybe I have. Anyway, it was a much bigger city than I expected it to be. On Friday night after Kent and I checked into the Residence Inn we drove for about 20 minutes out to the beach, but it was dark and much chillier than we expected it to be, and the part of town we were in seemed a bit seedy. So much for the romantic evening stroll along the beach!
Saturday morning we went to a National park built over the remains of French fort from the 1590's. The play was from 2-5pm, and we dashed right out after the applause started so we could start our return trip. Once we got onto the I95 going northbound, I smiled when the GPS said "proceed on this road for 667 miles," since it usually says something like 4.5 miles.
It rained pretty much the entire way back to Virginia-- it was, indeed, a rainy night in Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia, (though it let up for most of the time in North Carolina.) We arrived home at 3am, and were in church at 9am.