17 December 2011

You're In the Army Now!

Our son Tyler finished his college education in Dec 2011, and also recieved his commission into the US Army! He is now a 2nd Lt and will be heading to Fort Rucker, Alabama by the end of the year to prepare for his Helicopter School.

Flying Helicopters hs been his life long dream!

Oath of Service

The Smile of Success!

First Salute
First Mission Accomplished - The Commission

Jason & Lissa with their Girls
The rest of the gang (minus Russ who had to head to work right after the ceremony)

Congratulations Tyler, We are proud of you. happy for you, and pray for your continued successes!!

The Handsome Young Officer
and though we did not know it at the time, Tylers Future wife was also there with us (Note: This last picture was added a month before the wedding, not at the original posting date - kc)