11 March 2011

The Carsons Take New York City

The picture by the Statue of Liberty was taken on our second day in New York City, but thought it was a good one to have as the first picture of the blog.

DAY ONE, SATURDAY: One of the first things we saw after the bus from DC dropped us off near Madison Square Garden, was the Empire State Building. We'd also seen it from the bus as we were driving into NYC from New Jersey.As we walked down the street to our hotel, we were greeted with the sight of lovely, fragrant spring flowers that were for sale on the sidewalk where our hotel was located. A very good way to start our time in New York City! After checking into the hotel we took the subway and spent our first afternoon in Central Park. The fountain below was where the big dance scene in "Enchanted" was filmed, (if I'm remembering it correctly) so we went to see it.
Our friends who we met in Germany, Matt and Tracy Phillips, met us for dinner. We had pizza at the "Angelo's Pizza" you can see next to the Ed Sullivan Theater.
We walked down Broadway to Times Square.
We saw the play "Mary Poppins" in an awesome old theater on 42nd Street.

DAY TWO, SUNDAY--In the morning we went to Stake Conference in Brooklyn with the Phillips. We spent the afternoon at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It was rainy and overcast all day. We had dinner back in Brooklyn with the Phillips.

DAY THREE, MONDAY--Our first stop was the Empire State Building. The skies were blue and it was a relatively nice day.

After going to the site of the former twin towers, (not much to take pictures of) we stopped to see the Manhattan Temple. We got on the bus back to DC at 4:00pm and were home by 10:30pm. It was a great trip!!