06 November 2007

Through the Years

Through The Years
Pappacarsoni Tue, 13 Feb 2007

As the sun slowly sets on the final act of this parenthood season of my life, it is with both pride and bittersweet longing that I reflect upon the feelings of the last 25 years.


The curtains opened with two bright- eyed newlyweds, optimistic and  
naïve as to the realities ahead
on the path we set out on.  We strode boldly forward into the unknown,  uncertain as to the roles we would play or where the plot of our story would lead. 

We thought  little about the challenges
we would face, worried not the least for the  price we would pay, and had no idea of the changes that would mold us into the  people we would become through this role of parents we would be living.   

We simply moved ahead confidently, hopefully into the future.  We  trusted we would figure things out as we went,  prayed we would receive help and guidance when it was needed,  and clung to a hope that tomorrow would always be as bright and full of possibilities as was those beginning days of marriage.

Now the world has turned for 25 years.  It is a different place.  We are different  
We have the wisdom of experience, the knowledge of doing, and the satisfaction of believing that we accomplished was good,  and will be found acceptable.  

Raising a family was not without it’s struggles and challenges. 

No life is.

But it is not without its rewards either. 
We have been blessed to be able to feel successful as parents. 
Not that it is entirely our work. 
Maybe it is as much in spite of what we did as parents. 

But in the end I believe  it is a mixture of both
the Sprits we were blessed to receive,
and the home we created for them
that brings satisfaction to my soul.

I wish I could say these final chapters are not without their own drama and struggles. 
They cannot be, for the final chapters are just as important as the first,
and must contain their full measure. 
But none the less, this story of raising a young family is rapidly drawing to and end. 
It must be so. 
I still trust it will contain a happy ending, even as the stage is set for the next  act or acts of our life.

We have truly been blessed with wonderful children, many fantastic experiences,
some exceptional opportunities, and been touched by many wonderful people,
both family and friends who have been parts of our life, and enriched our experience. 





Each season of life gradually gives way to the new season. 
Each has its own unique personality, challenges and place in our existence. 
  As we learn to let go of yesterday, we learn to embrace the tomorrows,
just like we did in previous changes.  Children grow into adults. 
Adults become parents. 
Parents become grandparents. 
Grandparents become the link between generations.  
 Life can be beautiful in each of its seasons if we know where to look.

We can never be certain what tomorrow will bring. 
We can only take the lessons of the past, embrace the joys of today,  and face the uncertainties of  tomorrow with hope and confidence, knowing that there is a reason in everything.