08 February 2009

Saturday out with the Cub Scouts

Elaine & I decided to go on a "10 Commandments" hike in Fredricksburg on Saturday. Coincidentally, I got called as a Den Leader and Primary Worker that evening.We visited 5 chucrhes and one synagogue, each one discussed two of the ten commandements. The Jewish Synagog showed us a 250 year old Torah that contains the ten commandments hand written. we hiked several miles to get to all the churches.

Just palying around while we wait to get into a church for the presentation.

Elaine and I did a quick visit to some Civil War Battle of Fredricksburg sites.

Winter Scenes

Winter brought us at lease a little snow, so thought we would share that with you. The birds are really colorful, though it does not show in this photo. Lots of red, and blue among the grey and brown. I hope to see some yellow goldfinches some day. I have not surendered to the squirrels. I have a plan - to be put into effect as soon as spring begins lurking around.
See how the logs have all circled for a council meeting?

Enough of this. I had to put something on to get off the bottom of Lissa's list.