20 June 2013

Another Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

 Lissa and Jason and girls came to spend almost a week with us around Memorial Day weekend.  We picked them up from the airport and drove directly to Arlington National Cemetery so Kent could show off his family to his co-workers.
 The flags were out on the graves for Memorial Day.
 Here's a funeral with the band ready to play.  Always so many touching scenes at ANC.
 At the administration building where Kent works.
 Now for some of the highlights of our week.  Savannah getting a piggy-back ride from Grandpa.
 Kent let the girls help him work in the yard.
 We invited the Jeos and Andrews over, who we knew in Japan and Germany.  Ashlee Andrews Stettler is Lissa's age and lives in Richmond with her husband and three children.
We went to see the luminaries at the Fredericksburg National Cemetery.
It's a beautiful and sobering sight. 

 There was a wonderful full moon shining in the sky, making the night even more pictureseque.

 We took the obligatory picture with the granddaughters after church while they were still in their pretty church dresses.  Kent and I are team teaching a Primary class, and Kiera was in our class.
 We invited Misa Jensen Nickerson and family to visit, another high school friend of Lissa's who lives in Northern Virginia.  I gave Misa piano lessons many years ago when we lived in Japan.
 On Memorial Day we went to the DC Temple. Thankfully, traffic wasn't a problem. Kent and I watched the girls so Lissa and Jason could go to the temple.  We took the girls shopping at a hardware store,
 then spent some time in the temple visitor's center.
After Lissa and Jason were done we took some more pictures.   (We may or may not have taken about 500 pictures in the six days the Stinsons were here!)

 Kent took a day off work so he could spend more time with the Stinsons.  We took them to the park.
 Savannah getting a piggy-back ride from Grandma this time.

 Kent and Jason set up the slippy-slide and the girls had a good time with it.
 Popsicles are a must on a hot summer day.
 Kent is introducing another generation of children to his interactive way of reading "The Bike Lesson".
Two precious granddaughters at the airport ready to return to Texas.  Their visit went by much too quickly!!