16 February 2011

Road Trip to Mississippi for Daniel's Blessing

Kent and I drove the length of Virginia, through Tennessee, a corner of Georgia, Alabama and into Mississippi to spend the weekend with Garrett, Krystal and Daniel in Columbus, Mississippi. It was about a 14-hour drive, and we took a quick detour through the Great Smoky Mountains. We hit snow as we were driving through Alabama, but it only lasted about half an hour.
Kent meeting Daniel for the first time.

Daniel in his bouncer, looking so sweet and alert.

A precious father and son bonding moment. The rest of the photos were taken on February 6th, Daniel's actual blessing day. He's about six weeks old in these pictures.

Daniel was blessed in the blessing outfit I made for Garrett 27 years ago, and it fit him pretty well. Daniel is also wearing the booties Garrett wore, but I didn't make them. I did knit the white blanket Daniel was wrapped in to be blessed.
Daniel was very accomodating about lying on his blanket while we all snapped dozens of pictures of him. Krystal's parents and sister were also there for the blessing.
In this picture Daniel is lying on the baby quilt I made for Garrett and saved in my cedar chest to give to Garrett's firstborn son.