09 February 2015

Grandma Time in Colorado

 I feel very fortunate to be able to cancel piano lessons if I need to so I can fly out to help when a new grandbaby is born.

 I was able to spend ten days with Tyler and Rachel's family when sweet little Sylvia was born. Here are a few more pictures from my time in Colorado.
The weather was so warm (it got up to the 70's) while I was there that we spent time outdoors.
Andrew liked trying to pop the bubbles for awhile, but then wanted to blow the bubbles himself.
A family walk to the park. I believe it was Sylvia's first trip to the park. 
Andrew is taking after his daddy in that he LOVES to pretend he's driving the car! Tyler did that, too. when he was Andrew's age.
Andrew liked to check on Sylvia when she was sleeping in her bassinet to make sure she was okay.
Tyler had his birthday while I was in town; I think this is a cute picture because he's holding Sylvia and Andrew is near by as Tyler is blowing out the candles.
My turn to cuddle with baby Sylvia!!
A sweet Mommy and kids picture. I love Andrew's arm around his mom.
I went with Andrew as he spent his first day in nursery at church. He got along great.
One last picture of sweet baby Sylvia. It will be fun to see how she's changed when we go for her blessing in April.