23 August 2012

North to Dakota

As I mentioned in my previous post, here are lots of fun photos from the week I spent in Minot.  It was fun, fun, fun to spend time with my delightful family.
This group shot turned out pretty well considering it was taken with the camera on a timer.

Krystal got out the bouncer for Makayla to use, but Daniel decided he needed to sit in it.  The best part was watching him back into it, bottom first!

Daniel and I took at least one walk a day, usually two.  One in the morning and one in the evening.
Here's a family walk with Uncle Russ and cousin Sophia. 
 I LOVE this picture of the parents reading to their children.

Adrianne and I went to Krystal's baby shower, given by her visiting teacher.
 Looove those pretty blue eyes that Sophia got from her mommy!

 Proud big brother Daniel didn't seem jealous of Makayla at all, but maybe it's because I was there to play with him and keep him busy while his mommy took care of Makayla.
Daniel didn't keep these sunglasses I bought him on for long, but he sure looked stylin' while he was wearing them!
 Daniel kindly sharing a cracker with his cousin Sophia.
 Sophia likes to carry things in her mouth like a puppy.  I gave her this book which is supposed to be indestructible and washable.  Sophia was putting it to the test.
 Here's a picture of just the cousins.  It's the only one I got that none of them are crying!  It will be interesting to try to get one with all five of the cousins when we gather in Michigan for Tyler's wedding.

10 August 2012

Introducing Grandchild #5!

Makayla E. Carson was born in July, weighing 6lbs.15oz in North Dakota, to mom Krystal, dad Garrett, and big brother Daniel.  She was born just a day before her due date. 

I was able to fly out on July 31st and spend a week, so met Makayla just before she was two weeks old.  What a beautiful, precious little sweetheart! 
I have LOTS more pictures from my week in Minot, but will add them to a different post.  Adri, Russ and Sophia spent the weekend while I was there on their way to move to Minneapolis, and it was fun to see them, too.  Kent was sadly left at home in Virginia, but we'll be flying out together at the end of the month for Makayla's blessing.

04 August 2012

Sharing the Dream

 Our son Tyler has always wanted to be in the Army, and became interested in Flying Helicopters.  He is in Fort Rucker Alabama learning to do just that.  On July 6th the Fort had a family day, so Elaine and I bid a short farewell from the Stinson's in Houston where we  were visiting and drove 10 hours to Fort Rucker to see Tyler Fly!  

The Avation Museum was really neat to visit
 Watching Tylers Helicopter come in to show off his hovering skills
 After a safe landing, he did his after flight checks...
 Then took us out to show is the inside of a helicopter.  Tyler's Fiance, Rachel Judd also flew in for the family day - taking a break from studies, just days before her end of term exams.
All of us posing in front of the helicopter.  In September Tyler will complete basic flight training and after a pause to get married* :) will go back to training on the type of helicopter he will be assigned to fly.

*Tyler and Rachel will be Married 1 September and sealed in the Detriot Temple, close to where Rachel grew up.  We look forward to that happy day for them and our whole family for that generation will be complete! (and together for the first time in several years).  Then the "Next Generation" will continue to gradually be welcomed to our extended family.  Elaine and I are definitely finding "joy in our posterity"