16 January 2017

Carson's Blessing in California

On January 12th Kent and I were up bright and early to take a flight to LA to visit the Lees over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.  Our flight was delayed out of Chicago so we arrived in LA late, then had about a two-hour and fifteen minute drive to Bakersfield. 
It was very gratifying to me that as soon as Grace saw me, she yelled "Grandma!", ran out the door and flung herself into my arms. This is why I visit my grandchildren so often!
We got to the Lee's house at about 6:30pm, in time to have a quick dinner before going to watch Grace and Sophia at their gymnastics class. Unfortunately, all the pictures I took of Sophia turned out blurry.
 Carson is a good sport about waiting around for his big sisters during their classes.
 Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Kent and Adri repainting the dining room while we were there, but that's what they did for most of the day on Friday while I played with Grace and Sophia was at school.  Here's a picture of Kent in his paint clothes taking a break with Grace.
 Carson wasn't smiling when I left in October, so it was fun to see him smiling and laughing.
 Russ's parents came in on Saturday and we drove out to see the Chevron oil fields. It was an amazing sight.
 This picture was taken near the headquarters building on the Chevron compound.

 We played lots of hide and seek with the girls while we were in Bakersfield. Here's one of Grace's excellent hiding places.
 Here are some pictures of Carson on his blessing day. He's wearing the shirt that I smocked in 1988 when I was told Adri was going to be a boy, so I made a little boy blessing outfit.
 The shorts that I'd made in 1988 were too small, so I made some long pants while I was in California and attached them to the shirt.
The shirt was a bit snug but fit okay, and he looked very cute in the outfit.
Carson was a good boy during the blessing and didn't fuss. Here's their sweet family all together.
Proud Mommy and baby.
 At three months Carson was older than most of our grandchildren have been on their blessing day, so he was definitely more alert and aware.
 After Sacrament Meeting and some family pictures I took Sophia home because she wasn't feeling well. She fell asleep in this box in the family room and slept for quite a while in it.
 I had to include this sweet picture of Grace and Carson with Kent after church.
Both the girls in their princess nightgowns loving on Carson.
 Another adorable picture of the three Lee kids. Love them all soooo much! It's always hard to say goodbye after just five days.