27 August 2009

27 Years Ago Today.....

That's right, today is another family birthday. Lissa P. Carson, or "Little Missa Lissa" as her uncle Reed nicknamed her some years ago, joined our family 27 years ago today. It's hard to believe she has a baby of her own, since it seems like just yesterday she was our first, much adored baby!
Lissa was born in Walla Walla, Washington, where Kent got a job working with the Army Corps of Engineers after graduating from Washington State University. The first thing the nurse who helped to deliver her said was, "She's got red hair." That was totally unexpected!!

Here are some of our favorite photos and quotes from our firstborn child. (Again I apologize for the poor quality of the scanned photos.)

Age 2 and 1/2: When I would start picking up her toys and cleaning the living room she'd ask, "Somebody coming?"
Age 3: "Mama, why can't you do anything for yourself?"
Age 6: In her dinner prayer one night she said, "Bless Garrett to close his eyes during prayers and bless Tyler to sit still and fold his arms."

Age 7: These are the "Room Rules" Lissa posted on her bedroom door:
1) take off shoes 2) no yelling 3) no hitting 4) help clean up toys 5) no biteing 6) no scraching 7) no kicking 8) do what I say 9) no slamming the door 10) YOU WILL LIKE ME!!! or else you can't come in my room
Age 8: Lissa wrote this in her baptism journal:
This is how I feel about my father: I feel fine about him
This is how I feel about my mother: I feel funny about her

Age 9: Lissa had a series of mice and hamsters, which didn't have long life spans. She always wrote a eulogy for each of her deceased pets. This is one of her most memorable:
"Ya, Dale was a good ol' boy. He passed away October 26, 1991. ... Dale was a sweet young man. ...When I look at the stars, one shines like it's winking to me. I think it's Dale sayin, 'hi'."
We love you very much.