21 April 2014

Introducing Grandchild #7!!

Adam R. was born to Garrett and Krystal on March 23rd in North Dakota.  He weighed 7 pounds even and was born just four days before his due date.
 This is Adam when he was eight days old, after returning home from his 1-week check up.
Big sister Makayla is more interested in Adam than big brother Daniel, is.
 We're so happy to have Adam join our eternal family and look forward to seeing what kind of boy he'll be as he grows up!

06 April 2014

Loving the Lees

Adrianne and Sophia Lee came to visit us for a week in March. They were suppose to come here to get away from some of the cold weather in Minnesota.  Unfortunately we could not help with that (as you can see from the snow in the background)  The only sunny day they were here was the day they arrived, so we went to the National zoo in Washington, DC to see the new Panda, Bao Bao.

The baby panda and her Mama were both up and active when we got there.  Bao Bao wanted to get out the door, but of course could not.  Mamma was jogging around the room and twice came around and knocked the baby over.  But she was undeterred.

Mamma finally tired of her jogging and sat still to have a tasty meal of bamboo leaves.
We went on to look at some of the other animals, indoors when possible.
A moment of rest
Happy Grandma with her Granddaughter looking at the monkees.
Then back to a nice warm home.
Elaine took Sophia and Adri to the swimming pool one day.  Sophia really enjoys the water!

Sophia went shopping at Hobby Lobby with Mommy and Grandma.  She put some beads into the pink basket, but later carefully put the beads back where she'd found them.
 She helped Granddad with some gardening...
 and a few days later she was helped Granddad with the snow shoveling.
Sophia played a lot with different toysduring the week - some of the same toys her mom had growing up

Elaine and Adri made this cape so "Super Sophia could run around the house. She really liked having a super-hero cape!

As usual, the time went too fast.  But we loved having the Lee girls there while daddy Russ finished up his Masters Degree back in Minnesota.   They will be leaving there in early spring to begin his career with Chevron!  We look forward to seeing the whole family this summer as Sophia's baby sister arrives to join the family!