30 July 2014

Three Birthdays, a Baby Blessing, Fireworks and Loads of Fun in Texas

Adri, Lissa and Tyler have already posted many wonderful pictures on their blogs from our family gathering in Texas (minus Garrett and Krystal's family), so I'll just post some photos that I don't think were on their blogs and that weren't already in our "Introducing Grandchild #8!" post from August
It was quite an accomplishment to get the picture below of Kent and me with the five grandchildren, where they were all looking forward and no one was crying!!
Lissa treated Kiera and me to see "The Little Mermaid" in Houston. It was Kiera's first play.
Lissa's best friend, Lindsay, also joined us to see the play. It was cute and well-done.
We were able to attend Kiera's and Savannah's combined "Frozen" themed birthday. Lissa had done a great job of making it special.
Lissa even ordered life-sized cut outs of Elsa, Anna and Olaf.
I thought this was a sweet picture of Adri's girls with their Granddad Carson.
This picture makes me happy, because it shows how thrilled Sophia is with her little sister.
Here's Granddad out with the Stinson girls on their bikes.
Uncle Tyler and his posse on a walk to the park.
Andrew went swimming for the first time and seemed to mostly like it.
 The cousins had to move their swimming into the tub when the weather got stormy.
I always like to see a grandchild at the piano!!
The three girl cousins having a tea party.
We watched the fireworks (and lots of lightning, too) on the 4th of July after Tyler, Rachel and Andrew went back to Colorado
Our attempt at a photo when we went out to eat at "Sweet Tomatoes". Sophia and Savannah decided not to cooperate.
Baby Grace sleeping in the German baby buggy that Adri slept in when she was a baby.
You can see Adri didn't have nearly as much hair as Grace has!!
I stayed in Texas long enough to be there on Adri's birthday. She wanted a cake with layers of crushed Oreos and cream cheese, chocolate buttercream, and covered in ganache, which I made for her.
It was YUMMY!!