13 May 2006

Holland with Jason & Lissa

Pappacarsoni's Xanga Site Tue, 13 May 2006
Wanted to share a  few photos of our trip to Holland. 
         The Whole Family                                
Tree Peeping
Two Sisters - which one is bigger??
                              Lissa & Jason's new shoes

      not quite Heaven.......  But you can almost see it from there!

03 May 2006

Castle Climbing - or Still Got it at 50?

The castle on the hill behind our house has for  nearly eight centuries watched over the peaceful valley in which we live. I have visited it many times, at all times of day, in all kinds of weather.    I have watched the sun rise and sun set from within its walls.   I have seen the  full moon rise and silhouette it in the dark of night.   I have photographed it from almost every angle and during  every season. 

It never was much of a castle, as far as castles go.  Nothing grand or glorious.  A small outpost  guarding the medieval city near by.   It is mostly in ruins now. Just a few of the walls and stairways left.  But there it stands on the hilltop. A silent sentinel of days long past and times that have changed. 
Patiently watching the world go by. 

Is its presence a symbol of stability, standing steadfastly against the
swirling changes of time?   Or does its presence symbolize merely a relic
of the past, an impediment in the headlong progression of change in modern life?

To me it is a place of solitude, sanctuary and renewal. 
A place to contemplate the events in my life and consider the decisions
that must be made.   
A place to ponder what life was like to live within those walls and reflect on the changes the world has seen. 
A place to find inner strength to face the challenges of tomorrow.


For my 50th Birthday, I set forth to climb to the top of that castle
and gaze out over the valley from atop her heights. 


And having conquered the climb, as well as my doubts and fears, I celebrate the victory of the accomplishment and look forward to the challenges of tomorrow.


n ... / ... / ... / ... / ... / ...  n

Other pictures from the adventure and friends on the adventure.

  Jason & Rob on the wall
       Eric, Tyler & Nicole watching

Natalie, Eric & Nicole Scott  - the "Grandpa Trainers"

Garrett Conquers
Jason slides down 

   Proof I made it!

        My Favorite Fishes                                       

P1020514 P1020547
Knights of the Stone Table         Super Mom (Melanie) climbs too!