31 July 2012

Party Time in Texas!

I was able to spend ten days in Texas at the beginning of July with the Stinsons to help both girls celebrate their birthdays.  Lissa has done a wonderful job of documenting the parties with lots of pictures on her blog, so I thought I'd put in some miscellaneous shots of Kiera and Savannah that I took while I was there.
Savannah LOVES bling, but she wasn't so sure about the sunglasses I brought her. 
 Lissa put on a fabulous Hello Kitty birthday party per Kiera's request.  Hard to believe Kiera is four already!
 The series of photos below crack me up, because it shows the challenges of getting both girls (especially Savannah) to cooperate during a photo shoot.  This was on Sunday and the girls are in their church dresses.
  The one below is probably the best one of the bunch!
  Daddy had to come in and try to get Savannah facing the right direction.
Savannah chilling with her necklaces. She puts the necklaces on by herself and is usually wearing at least one.
 Kent was able to come for six days and really loved interacting with Kiera and Savannah.
 This is a picture of Savannah on her first birthday, and I think it really shows her usually cheerful and easy going personality.
 Kent and I were able to go to Kiera's gymnastics class and watch lots of great moves.
As usual, our time went by too quickly and it was hard to say good-bye!

25 July 2012

Three Saturdays in June

June is a piano recital month.   I enjoy trying to create a unique invitation for each recital.

                             It's fun to use my piano-themed serving dishes for the refreshments. Please note the treble clef picks that the fruit kabobs are on.

The next weekend I hosted a garden party for the new sisters in the ward, and for those who are moving.
The other members of the Relief Society presidency helped make the food.  I used some hydrangea paper I'd bought a couple of years ago for the invitations, and amazingly enough the hydrangeas in our yard were blooming
pretty much the same color.
 I  found hydrangea napkins, and also some lavender Martha Stewart paper lanterns on sale for a dollar each.

 One lady who came said there were more decorations at my garden party than there were at her daughter's wedding reception.  I took that as a compliment!  Kent and I had worked at the temple on Friday night and didn't get home until almost midnight, so I did most of the decorating on Saturday morning.
 The weather was PERFECT--in the 70's with a gentle breeze and no humidity.  We had a lovely time, and I may just have to have a hydrangea garden party every June from now on.
                                                                               We were entertained at the garden party by the nest of baby robins in the cross beam under the deck.  I told the ladies who came that I'd ordered them for effect from "baby birds r us." 
 The last Saturday of the month we took a daytrip with Jim and Bonnie Jeo to a lavender farm near the Shenandoah mountains.
 It was a day when volunteers could come harvest the lavender.  We were worried about being too hot and getting sunburned, but that didn't happen. 
     The lavender harvesting wasn't too strenuous, and smelled wonderful.  Afterwards the owners of the farm fed us lunch.  There were some menu items with lavender in them, like lavender lemonade and lavender blueberry sauce on the cheesecake we had for dessert. 
It was another enjoyable day in Virginia.