29 May 2015

May Trips and Activities

I attended a retreat with my Bible Study group at a naval base near Williamsburg, in a large rental house right on the York River. I don't have a daytime view, but here's a picture I took at night with the full moon shining on the river.
We took a break from watching inspirational videos to do a craft project. The houses we rented to stay in were once the homes of the high ranking officers stationed at the base, and this paneled room must have been the dining room. 
I flew to Oregon to spend Mother's day weekend with my parents. My mom was still recovering from knee surgery she'd had in April, so I wanted to help her out.
We were able to do some sewing together, and made the tops to two quilts in the four days I was there.
Later in the month Kent and I went to Ford's Theater in downtown DC. The box seat where Pres. Lincoln was shot has never been occupied since the tragedy and has been preserved.
A park ranger or volunteer in period dress gives a detailed explanation of what happened on the evening Pres. Lincoln was shot.
We also toured the Petersen House across the street, where Pres. Lincoln died. I went to the Petersen house in April, but didn't go into Ford's Theater because a performance going on when I was there. Kent wasn't with me, so he hadn't seen it since Ford's Theater or the Petersen house since we'd gone about six years ago.
Later in the month I flew to Houston to visit the Stinsons. It was the weekend of Kiera and Savannah's dance recital. Here they are getting ready to go into the high school where the recital was held.
I didn't take pictures during the performance, but here are the ones from afterwards.The girls had fun wearing make-up and fancy, beautiful costumes.
This is the best picture of Savannah I got after the performance. It was a big day for her and she was a bit stressed out afterwards.
Here I am with the girls right after church. While I was in Texas I gave Kiera piano lessons so that she finished the books she'd been working on since I started with her in September. We especially love playing duets together.
This is a picture of Kiera with a very loose front tooth on Sunday afternoon.
Here she is just a few minutes later when she played with it enough for it to fall out!
I didn't want to leave Savannah out, so took a picture with her, too.
Over Memorial Day weekend Kent and I went to see the Illumination at the Fredericksburg battlefield cemetery, about 20 miles away from where we live. We've been to see it several times since we moved here six and a half years ago.
It's a good way to remember the fallen on Memorial day.

I added this picture to show how many luminaries there are throughout the cemetery. Each grave has an American flag and two luminaries.