17 August 2015

August Activities

I thought I'd put all the highlights of the month of August into one post. We started off with a fun concert seeing the piano guys at Wolf Trap, the National Park for the Performing Arts. The concert was a sold out crowd and was lots of fun. We went with our friends, the Jeos and saw other people from our ward there.

Later in the month we spent the weekend in Princeton, New Jersey, where I received training in the pre-school music program, Music Together. I call it my Music Together EFY experience. I learned lots of neat things about the importance of music and enjoyed the training.
While I was in class all day, Kent did some sightseeing in Princeton. Who knew the campus looked like several medieval European buildings?

I walked around the Princeton campus with Kent one evening after the training.
Kent also went to the park that commemorates the place where Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware on Christmas night.

Every week during the summer months the Army puts on a Twilight Tattoo. We finally made it to one of their performances in August.
It's usually held outside but was inside on the night we went because of the possibility of rain.
The Twilight Tattoo is held on the Army Post right next to Arlington Cemetery, so it seemed a shame not to go see it. I picked up Kent after work, we ate a picnic dinner and then went to see the show. My favorite performers were the group in Revolutionary War attire.
I had a garden party and invited mostly ladies who had ended up in the new ward when it was formed over two years ago. 
I invited about 15 ladies, but only five actually came. It was a lot of work for only five guests!!
I used some new floral tablecloths as my color scheme because I love the bright colors. Since so few ladies came I used my real china plates from England instead of paper plates. I served a breakfast casserole, a homemade cinnamon roll twist and a lemon roll twist, and fresh fruit.
Kent and I had fun draping fabric under the deck to make it look feminine and fancy.
I used most of the sheer white fabrics I'd bought years ago to decorate for the kids' weddings.
It turned out very pretty and I had a good time visiting with the ladies who came. We lucked out and it wasn't even too hot or humid on the day of the garden party.
For the weeks that I gave piano lessons during the summer I decided to have a fun theme, and decided on "Under the C"   
I had fun putting up ocean and beach themed decorations in my piano studio.

These are supposed to look like jellyfish.
I knew those fish lights we got as a prize at a Tacky party would come in handy some day!!
One last memory from the month. I made a birthday cake for a friend's birthday, and it turned out really well. I made five small layers with buttercream frosting in between.
Then I covered the whole thing with a chocolate ganache and some toffee bits. YUMMY!