22 December 2008

Oh Christmas Tree?

We went out to get a Christmas Tree, but got carried away.

Of course I am just kidding, we are just cleaning up the corner of the property.

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

14 December 2008

Bring it on!

My lovely bird feeder attracts many colorful birds in the neighborhood. This is how it normally looks.

Then lo and behold, I discovered one day that the two squirrels living in our neighborhood were raiding the bird feeder, leaving nothing for the birds. So I vowed to find a way to keep the squirrels out.
Seeing how the squirrels climb the pole and drop down onto the birdhouse, I put a plastic board on top of the bird feeder. It worked, at first anyway. The squirrel climbed up, dropped on the roof, and slid off just as I planned

My feelings of victory soon vanished however as the squirrels found not one but two ways to defeat the feeder guard.

First, they simply jumped up from the ground and hang from the bird perches. I thought they might figure that one out, so I already have plans to raise it higher. But then those turkeys figured out they could just climbed the pole and reached over to the feeder and hang on that way.
I admit they won this round, but I am determined to squirrel proof my feeder.

However, I am not totally cruel and heartless. Once I defeat them I do plan to build a squirrel feeder, so they can still eat. After all I did cut down two of their oak trees and associated acorns. But I just want them to leave the bird food alone, and I will put them on their own welfare system.

My neighbor says the squirrels get all the fruit on his trees - picks them just before the pears get ripe, and carry them off.

Stay tuned, I will be victorius.