27 June 2012

Our 100th Post!

Now that June is almost over, I thought I'd better post some pictures from May.   Kent and I went to see Brian Regan's show in Washington, DC.
 The show was in a beautiful old theater right downtown in the "Theater District" of DC.   No, I didn't know there was a theater district in DC, either.
 The show was very entertaining and clean; we had a great time.
 I was able to get away to Texas for five days to visit the Stinsons.  While I was there I put Savannah's hair into pigtails for the first time. 
 Kiera and I did some fun activities together.
 We all went to the Houston Zoo.

 Hmm, I guess I took more pictures of my sweet granddaughters than I did of any animals!
 One of my favorite pictures of the girls in their matching church dresses.
On Memorial Day weekend I decorated for a wedding reception at our church building. The decorating crew and I started on Thursday evening putting the lights across the ceiling.  I spent about 15 hours decorating on Friday and about four more hours on Saturday morning.  I was mostly pleased with the way it turned out.  I was able to use some of the lighting ideas I'd seen on Pinterest.
 The receiving line stood here between the pillars.
 Putting the gazebo in the middle of the cultural hall over the food table was an idea I came up with all by myself! And yes, that is a chandelier hanging from the middle.
 Hanging paper lanterns in the trees outside was an idea I'd seen before, and liked the way they looked.
 On the same day as the reception, Tyler and his fiancee', Rachel Judd, came into town for a visit for the Memorial Day Weekend.  In the morning they did some sightseeing in DC, and Kent and I spent the afternoon with them at the Jefferson Memorial and the FDR Memorial.  Rachel's parents and younger brother were in town on a band trip from their home town in Michigan, so Tyler was able to meet his future in-laws for the first time.

Here are Tyler and Rachel reinacting the signs that say "Caution: Slippery Conditions" in the Jefferson Memorial.
  The following three pictures were taken at the FDR Memorial.

 On Sunday morning before church wev met Rachel's parents and did some sightseeing at Arlington National Cemetery for a couple of hours.  Rachel had never been to DC before so everything was new to her.  After church on Sunday we had some of Tyler's friends who we knew in Japan and Germany come to dinner to meet Rachel.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.
 On Monday morning I asked a young mother from the ward, Leah, to come take engagement pictures of Tyler and Rachel in our back yard for them to use on their wedding announcements.  She did a GREAT job.

 I thought this was a cute "behind the scenes" shot. (Kent is holding a battery-operated fan to keep them cool.) 
 I don't know why this picture is sideways since it isn't that way on my computer, but it was just too cute not to put in.  After the serious pictures, Tyler and Rachel took a few silly ones.  I think their expressions are really cute.

We also thought that Kent and I should get the chance to be in a picture, too.  It was a busy, but really wonderful weekend, with Tyler and Rachel.  They flew home on Monday afternoon.