13 May 2009

Easter in Houston

Adri says that Kiera is the favorite in the family, and she's right. Kiera is EVERYONE'S favorite, not just ours. I spent Easter weekend in Katy, TX, keeping Lissa company while Jason was on a Boy Scout rock climbing trip. I took about 50 pictures, but it's hard to get Kiera to smile on camera. Here are some of the fun shots. BTW, Kiera is 9 months old in these pictures, and she started crawling the week after I visited.

This picture is dear to my heart. Doesn't it look like she's playing and singing along?

The "propped against the couch so you can see the pretty dress" shot.
Kiera doing her old lady impression............
.......... and a close-up shot of "old lady" Kiera.
Sorry, Jason and Lissa, but I had to choose the family picture where Kiera wasn't looking down!
Kiera was much more interested in the flower than in posing for the camera.

12 May 2009

Provo Mini Reunion

Yeah, I know it's been a month since we updated, which is like a year in the blogosphere. It really doesn't take that long to post a blog, it just never seems to be on the top of our "to do" list.

We spent the first six days of April in Utah visiting Garrett, Tyler, Adri and Russ in Provo, and attended the Sunday afternoon session of conference. My parents also came from Spokane, WA, to attend conference, which is why it was a mini-reunion. Kent and I had a wonderful visit with the BYU kids, and Kent had never been to General Conference before.

We had a great time that went by much too quickly. I attended Primary training given by the Primary general presidency and board, which was just awesome, and hit the "Ladies Night" sales in Provo with my mom and Adri during the Saturday night Priesthood session.
I thought this was a very cute picture of my parents and my nephew, Sean, walking back to the car after conference. We actually had no trouble getting out of SLC. We were afraid we'd be stuck in traffic for hours.

It was after I took pictures that I heard the announcement about not taking pictures. This was before Conference actually started.
What a good-looking group!

Here's a preview of this year's Christmas card.

Every time we go to Utah Kent and I can't stop taking pictures of those gorgeous Rocky Mountains.
The proud parents of a BYU family.

Another picture of our fabulous BYU students (or in Russ's case, graduate and employee.)