31 July 2011

A Wonderful Grandparenting Month

I've changed our blog background to pink in honor of our new granddaughter who was born, July 8th; Savannah Eden, 8 lbs. 3 oz. with LOTS of reddish-brown hair. Lissa thankfully had a short labor and delivery.

I've been getting a little flack about bringing Kiera to the hospital in her tutu. In my defense, Kiera is in a ballerina phase, and here's what she was doing earlier in the day---

I was so excited to rush out the door to the hospital when Lissa called to tell me Savannah was born that I didn't think about having Kiera change clothes, since she would be in lots of pictures with her new sister. Here are some of the sweet photos when Savannah was only an hour or two old.

It was a great month of being grandparents. Before I flew to Texas on the 7th (Lissa was induced on the 8th) Kent and I spent a week in Oregon at our family reunion bonding with Daniel, our six-month old grandson. His family is in the middle of a move to Vandenburg AFB in California. Daniel is such a calm, good-natured little guy, and pretty photogenic, too.

Our family just couldn't get enough of him. Everyone took turns holding him, and we all took hundreds of pictures of him. (No, I'm not exaggerating!)

We were able to get a four-generation picture with my dad.

I thought this picture with Daniel and his daddy was too cute not to include in the blog. I just noticed that I haven't included any pictures of Daniel with his wonderful, patient and dedicated mother, Krystal. I wish I'd realized it sooner, because to insert pictures on blogger I have to start at the bottom and work to the top, so if I add a picture with Krystal now it will be up with the pictures of baby Savannah. I apologize for the omission and will put some into the next blog post.